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Desktop Virtualization

The traditional approach to managing desktops in a global enterprise has become untenable. Increasingly, geographically dispersed user endpoints, in the form of desktop and laptop computers and personal devices, are making "desktop" management and security nearly impossible. Operating costs are increasing dramatically as IT departments struggle with the security and operational challenges of distributed equipment and the sensitive data it contains. As IT departments consider the cost of upgrading equipment to accommodate the next version of Microsoft Windows, they are prompted to act.

Desktop virtualization technology has matured significantly since the last major desktop transformation, and organizations recognize that moving to a centralized virtual desktop infrastructure is a strategic move that can help them regain control over desktop IT, rein in costs, and establish a consistent user experience across a wide rangeof devices.

In2IT's comprehensive desktop virtualization service encompasses assessment, user profiling, design, implementation and support of the virtual desktops and devices.